Our Team

Wendy Pinter, CPM

Wendy Pinter, CPM

Certified Professional Midwife, President of Nine Short Months

The moment that you find out you have a little one on the way, you start having to make many new and important decisions. What should I eat? Should I drink that? Who is going to care for me and my baby? I understand that this is a time where the choices you make can impact your family forever. I want to assure you that I am hoping to make your pregnancy and birth experience one less thing to worry about.


Birth is such a natural event when we leave it undisturbed. It is such a simple concept, but one that still goes largely misunderstood in America’s maternity system!

As a midwife, I see my role as being the knowledgeable one who will step in in case something goes wrong at a birth. Most of the time, that is not necessary, so I provide support and sacred space for your family to peacefully birth in whatever way that might look like to you. There are many people who take comfort in giving birth in a birthing center instead of their home, and for them I created Nine Short Months Birth and Community Wellness Center. This is a one stop shop for many services that you may need in the childbearing year. Midwifery, water birth, acupuncture, massage, lactation consultants, doulas, childbirth education, and placenta encapsulation are all coexisting under one roof.

I am comfortable to safely take you from where you are right now to the birth that you want to have. I have resources and connections that will help you to have all your health concerns that you or I might want to have addressed before the birth of your baby so that we can relax and enjoy your birth when the day comes. After your birth, our practice is unique in that we are able to perform all state mandated testing for newborns and we are equipped to handle most common postpartum complications a mother may experience, right in our facility. I feel that it is important that if I’m going to do this job, I am going to do it right.

Side note: For a charge, we do often provide the following services to clients of other midwives who do not provide them when we are available. (It is best if you inquire about postpartum testing before your birth with another midwife so that we can ensure you have the proper supplies on hand in the time frame that it is needed.):

  • Repair of lacerations
  • Newborn metabolic screening
  • Hearing screening
  • Pulse oximetry reading to screen for heart defects

Read more about Wendy here.  Contact Wendy at wendy@nineshortmonths.com

Emily Stevenson, CPM

Emily Stevenson, CPM

Certified Professional Midwife

Emily graduated from Birthingway College of Midwifery in Portland, Oregon and is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). She has experience in both birth center and homebirths and a majority of her experience was at Waterbirth Center in Portland, Oregon. She has attended births in a variety of settings, including MamaBaby Haiti, a Haitian midwfe run birth center in northern Haiti. Prior to becoming a midwife, Emily spent several years as a doula, attended Westmont College and Portland State University, and trained in emergency medical services. Emily relocated in spring 2017 to Detroit to be with her partner and his family. When she is not at a birth, Emily enjoys working on renovating her home in Southwest Detroit, volunteering with rescue dogs and exploring Southeast Michigan.
Jamie Rekuc, Student Midwife

Jamie Rekuc, Student Midwife

Jamie has been working hard as a student at Nine Short Months since 2016. She is responsible for all behind the scenes operations at the birth center, and she is also why everything and everyone looks good. She makes sure this place is a well oiled machine.

Jamie is proficient in prenatal care, client counseling, breastfeeding assistance, emergency management, car seat safety, postpartum care for mom and baby, and perfectly matched and applied make-up.

We love her, and we know you will love her too. Set to join the practice full time as a primary midwife by the spring of 2018.

Brandy Walters, BBA, IBCLC

Brandy Walters, BBA, IBCLC

I am passionate about breastfeeding and want to help mothers in the community feel confident in their breastfeeding relationship. I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and have been a breastfeeding counselor and advocate for more than 14 years. My first son taught me how to be a mother through breastfeeding. In addition to my professional experience, I successfully nursed my three boys for more than a year each. I am proud of the work I do to help empower breastfeeding mothers.
Breastfeeding is an art and is one of the most natural acts a mother can do with her baby. However, some times it takes practice, dedication and extra support. You and your baby will learn together.

I will support you in your breastfeeding journey whether that be 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years and beyond. I provide services for newborns, babies beginning solids, pumping, weaning and a vast array of breastfeeding situations and challenges. I have worked with twin sets and early term babies, premature babies and NICU babies. Continued education is very important to me in my line of work. I want to help you reach your breastfeeding goals.

Contact Brandy at brandy@nineshortmonths.com

Jenna Aquilina MAcOM Dipl.Ac. R.Ac.

Jenna Aquilina MAcOM Dipl.Ac. R.Ac.


I’ve been practicing as an acupuncturist since 2005 and have lived all over the U.S. This has led me to work in some very diverse situations from community style acupuncture and private practice to detox and recovery facilities, spas, housecalls, birthing centers, homebirths, even at sea. These treatments can be done in any setting, but I strive to provide a nurturing experience in a calm and comfortable environment.

Being very much a gypsy soul has gifted me with many unique experiences. In 2010, I spent a month in Peru receiving initiation, healing and learning from Q’ero healers in the Andes. This has been a very great influence on my work. Traveling and learning new healing therapies continues to create change in my work and brings a multi-dimensionality to it.

It’s been my own experiences with health challenges from a young age which introduced me to holistic medicine and lifestyle practices.

Education and Licensure/Certifications:

  • Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAcOM 2004)-Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, Portland OR (Oregon College of Oriental Medicine 2002-2004, Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Seattle WA 2000-2002, International Institute of Chinese Medicine Santa Fe NM 1999-2000)
  • Diplomate of Acupuncture-Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM) since 2004
  • Registered Acupuncturist-R.Ac. Michigan
  • Licensed Acupuncturist- L.Ac. (UT, MT)
  • BA Psychology, Women’s Studies co-major, Wayne State University (Detroit) 1998
  • Aroma Acupoint TM practitioner
  • Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy TM practitioner
  • Energy Medicine Certification from the Four Winds Society 2009
  • Continuing education since 2005

Contact Jenna at Jenna@nineshortmonths.com


Kristen Woudstra, LMT

Kristen Woudstra, LMT

Massage Therapist

Kristen Woudstra, LMT graduated from Irene’s Myomassology Institute in February 2016 and has worked as a massage therapist in a chiropractor’s office, a health club, and in private practice since. As a former doula, childbirth educator, and breastfeeding peer counselor, she naturally gravitates towards working with women and families during the childbearing years. She uses a combination of clinical education and experience along with intuition to create a soothing, healing massage experience. Kristen specializes in therapeutic, prenatal and hot stone massage.
Nicole White

Nicole White

Certified Professional Midwife (CPM)

Nicole Marie White is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) who works covering for the practice when Wendy or Emily is not available. For more than a decade, Nicole has caught babies in a variety of settings, in various cities, and in several languages around the world. Nicole believes that spreading the midwifery model of care is the best way to address the high maternal and infant mortality rates locally and globally. Nicole’s passion is to train more midwives. Nicole has worked in Haiti and in Uganda working with Traditional Midwives. Nicole believes birth connects us all and is honored to be a midwife and serve families. Nicole currently practices in Michigan and is a member of Michigan Board of Licensed Midwifery and is Director of Events on the Midwives Alliance of North America Board of Directors.