Other Services


A postpartum doula is hired to be a helper in the home, day or night*, for a family that has just welcomed a new baby.

They may help with…

other children, light housekeeping, breastfeeding, and the needs of the baby.

This is so that new parents can get some sleep!

A postpartum doula is a wealth of information on infant care and bonding. They can especially be lifesavers for families that have welcomed multiples.

*Please note this service requires four hour per shift minimum.

Contact doulainfo@nineshortmonths.com


A lactation consultant offers support and assistance with any lactation concerns or issues.

During a visit one of our team members will be…

  • CHECKING your baby’s weight
  • ADVISING on latch and proper positioning
  • ADDRESSING milk supply issues

A report is provided to give to your pediatrician.  This makes for a more comfortable and easy transition for your baby’s first doctor visit. We also update your midwife so your entire team can serve you better.

One visit with a lactation consultant is included after your birth center or home birth. Additional visits are available for purchase for problem solving and additional follow up for our patients.

Contact Brandy at brandy@nineshortmonths.com

Brandy Walters
In Home Lactation Specialists, LLC
248) 952-7551

Placenta Encapsulation

Whether you give birth at Nine Short Months or elsewhere, our own resident student midwife, Melissa, can come and get your placenta for processing into capsules. Parents find that placenta encapsulation makes recovery easier in the postpartum period when they are taking these capsules. For more information, contact savannah@nineshortmonths.com

For Other Practitioners

Our birth center offers a host of opportunities for midwives, educators, and other practitioners and community members. Email us at info@nineshortmonths.com for more information so we can help meet your needs!


Birth Room Rentals

Are you a home birth midwife interested in using our beautiful facilities while maintaining a private practice? Do you have a client that desires a birth center birth but would like you as a midwife? We offer rentals of our birth rooms including use of the center and its facilities (kitchen, laundry, etc.). Expand your business and offer more options to your clients by renting with us!


Classroom & Office Rentals

We have large classroom space available for one time or ongoing affordable rentals, perfect for childbirth education, infant or parenting classes, or any other type of group or event. We also have several beautiful prenatal rooms equipped with massage tables perfect for midwives, LMTs, LCs, NDs, doulas, or other practitioners to use as office space. Rentals can be ongoing and per day of use so you can have a beautiful office space to meet clients without having to pay rent for time you don’t use. Rentals include use of the lobby, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry.


Laboratory Testing

Nine Short Months offers in house lab services including a host of prenatal tests, Pap testing, STI screening, and more. If you are a midwife that does not offer in home testing, we offer convenient and affordable lab services. We are an alternative to hospitals and other testing sites that will help your clients feel comfortable and supported in their care choices.