Big Sister Katie’s Story

Katies Birth StoryHere is my story of Jake’s birth–

I was sleeping in my room when my grandma woke me up and told me that my mom was in labor. It was just light outside. I was really excited and I couldn’t wait to see my baby brother. I didn’t even think about breakfast. Right away, I was happy crying because my mom was having Jake.

I came into my dad and mom’s room in my robe and pajamas. I apologized to Miss Wendy because I hadn’t even gotten dressed or done my hair or even brushed my teeth!  I saw that my mom was in labor. I said, “Good morning!”, but she was too busy to reply.

I sat with my grandma then Miss Wendy came over and gave me plastic gloves and a newborn baby hat. She said that I could help! I looked at my grandma in astonishment. I went over to my mom and I got my mom cool towels to put on her neck and head. I heard Miss Jill and my dad saying to her, “You can do it! You are strong! Christ is with you!” I stood by Miss Courtney and Miss Wendy. Everyone was singing and I sang too. I could see Jake’s head! I was overjoyed. I told everyone that I needed a “crying break” because I was so happy. I went over to my room and closed the door and sat on my chair and cried for a minute and thanked God. Then I opened the door and went back to the parent’s room to finish the birth. When he came out, they put Jake on momma’s chest. I didn’t get to see him do the breast crawl because I was busy getting breakfast.

I was so happy that everyone was there. The midwives were all my friends. They love me and they hugged me whenever I needed a hug. I am so happy for my brother. I love him very much.

Katie, age 8 ½


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May 29, 2015