Family chooses Nine Short Months for the birthing experience of their dreams


When Lubna Srouji and her husband, Hadi Daia, were expecting their fourth child, they decided to shop around for a more “customized” experience.

“I wanted this birth to fit my personalized needs,” says Lubna, so the couple conducted an online search and found Nine Short Months Birth and Community Wellness Center.

They met with Wendy Pinter, certified professional midwife (CPM), and president of the company, and knew after their first visit they had found what they previously had only dreamed of.

“Wendy listened to us as we explained what we were hoping for, and that is exactly what we received – and more!” Lubna is ecstatic to announce.

Hadi, who wanted to be very involved in the entire birthing experience, wholeheartedly shares his wife’s feelings. “Wendy and her team were there to support Lubna; they made me feel like I was part of the team, they let me receive the baby as she was born, and I got to see our child from my hands first.

“And, they gave us time alone during Lubna’s labor, which helped her rest comfortably in a warm, calm and quiet setting – everything we asked for.”

With their previous three deliveries, “we felt it was like a production line,” Hadi describes. “We were just another order to be filled, not individual people with individual needs. No one was shouting orders at Lubna; in fact, the midwives had a quiet, supporting presence that enhanced our ideal birthing experience.”

Their perfect experience began with prenatal visits that usually lasted an hour. “Wendy would sit and chat with us, learn about us and our family, let me talk about everything I was feeling, and made the connection with us we needed,” Lubna points out. “We felt like we were visiting family. Wendy not only is very knowledgeable, but you can feel the calmness in her; she understands her profession and she understood us. We completely trusted her.”

“She made our entire experience so much easier in every way – from the scents of lavender essential oils in the birthing room, to the low lighting and comfortable queen size bed – it was better than a five star hotel!”

Lubna acknowledges that “of course, there was discomfort with my contractions, but the relaxing massages, the way they calmly breathed with me, and the flexibility of the midwives made my labor so much easier. And no one ordered me to push,” she smiles.

The couple chose a water birth, which Lubna says really helped calm and relax her, and made the contractions much more bearable. Three midwives stayed with the couple throughout the labor and delivery.

“We found a water birth so natural,” says Hadi. “The earth is mostly made up of water, and to deliver in that most natural setting seemed right. Our child exited through a setting of water and came into this world in water – clean and washed.”

It was such a trauma-free setting, they point out. Maryam was so peaceful when she was born; she arrived in a low-light setting; she lived in the dark for nine months and she was introduced to light slowly. And no one was shouting commands at Lubna. Instead, she was receiving gentle massages and the midwives allowed the baby to come out naturally.

Maryam is now 7 months old; she eats well, she sleeps well, she smiles and laughs often, and she rarely cries. “We definitely would choose Nine Short Months again, and I tell all of my friends what an amazing experience we had,” Lubna announces.

“It was the perfect place to have our child. Giving birth there just felt right!”