Midwifery Services


The midwifery model of care is based on the belief that pregnancy and birth is a normal event in parent’s lives.  Throughout your pregnancy, labor, and birth, you and your support person are an integral part of our team.

Midwives work on promoting health to minimize problems.  While guidance is available to you at all times, you will be expected to assume the primary responsibility in the maintenance of your health and your babies health.

During pregnancy, we encourage you to:

  • eat a balanced diet
  • become informed
  • participate actively in your care
  • get adequate sleep and exercise


Midwifery visits begin when you call to let us know you’re pregnant. Visits take place at our birth center in Southfield.

Visits are…

  • MONTHLY until 32 weeks
  • EVERY OTHER WEEK until 36 weeks
  • WEEKLY until birth

For those giving birth at home, a HOME VISIT is done at 36 weeks so that we can meet anyone who might be at your birth and become familiar with your house and how to get there.

Appointments last approximately 1 hour and include physical assessment of mother and baby, including:

  • blood pressure
  • urinalysis
  • baby’s position
  • growth
  • heart rate
  • addressing any questions or concerns
  • your preference of laboratory testing

It is a supportive environment where we spend time providing childbirth education and nutrition information as well as discuss your concerns and wishes for your birthing experience. We can accommodate longer appointments if needed and encourage you to discuss any concerns with us between appointments via phone or email.*

*For non-emergency questions please only contact us during our office hours, 9 am – 5pm.

To help determine an emergency, please read our informative page When to Call.


We are on-call and available 24 hours a day for your delivery.

During early labor We will be in contact with you by phone. Once active labor is established or when you feel the need for more support we will come to you.

During labor We

  • MONITOR your vital signs and the baby’s heart rate
  • OBSERVE for complications in both you and baby
  • PROVIDE physical and emotional support

The most important emotional support is provided by your partner, family and/or friends. You are welcome to have whomever you wish present at your birth. You are encouraged to birth however you choose, as long as there are no concerns with the well being of mom or baby. Water birth is available for those that desire it at home and at the birth center.

Some of the equipment we have at births includes:

  • oxygen and resuscitation equipment
  • medication for hemorrhage
  • herbs and homeopathic remedies
  • blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, and vital signs equipment
  • sterile instruments (for the baby’s umbilical cord and suturing)
  • fetoscope and doppler (to monitor the baby’s heart rate)
  • baby scale
  • a birth tub, if desired


Your postpartum care begins the moment your baby arrives.

In the first few hours... We keep you and your baby together in a quiet and respectful environment with the people of your choice supporting you.

Shortly after We will assist you with lactation support and pamper you and your baby with a relaxing herbal bath. We perform a full newborn exam and assess the well being of the mother. At the birth center, you will typically stay 4-6 hours after birth until you are stable and rested. At home births, we generally stay about 3 hours after birth and call you 12 hours later.  We encourage you to contact us if questions come up between that time period.

*For non-emergency questions please only contact us during our office hours, 9 am – 5pm.

To help determine an emergency, please read our informative page When to Call Postpartum.

At 24 hours AND somewhere between day 3-5 We visit you in your house.  Careful evaluations of both you and your baby are done.  Here we:

  • ASSESS the firmness of your uterus
  • CHECK your vital signs
  • ASSURE proper healing of any tears
  • OBSERVE feeding and offer lactation support
  • PERFORM the newborn screening test and heart defect screen

We also assess the general health of the newborn, including:

  • heart and lungs
  • skin color and activity level
  • umbilical cord healing

Within the first couple of days… You will be contacted by our staff lactation consultant (IBCLC) who will come for a visit to address any lactation concerns.

Between weeks 1 and 2… Depending on your needs, we will see you again between 1 and 2 weeks, and

At week 6 We will see you for your final visit.  We encourage you to stay in touch with us even after you reach the 6 week mark.