Nine Short Months Birth and Community Wellness Center

Our natural birth center offers a talented staff with many specialties and a comfortable home-like setting to give birth to your baby. We have a beautiful deluxe room with a fireplace and gorgeous hardwood floors. Give birth in the water in one of our spacious heated tubs. The natural birth of your dreams is within reach.

Nine Short Months Birth and Community Wellness Center is the only independent midwife-run birth center in Metro Detroit. We have a beautiful warm and home-like environment in which you are going to be able to give birth to your baby even IN the water if you choose. Our midwives are experienced in facilitating normal physiological birth. We give you the time you need to do that and a very comfortable space.

What does normal birth look like in our center?

  • Normal birth progresses on its own time. Midwives are trained to recognize anything that is not normal and resolve it or transfer appropriately if resolution isn’t possible.
  • We encourage you to eat and drink during your entire birth.
  • We will encourage you to birth in an upright and not supine position, unless your unique situation makes that necessary.
  • We believe in delayed umbilical cord clamping.
  • We keep baby and mom together for all newborn procedures.
  • We support breastfeeding with one on one support from a lactation consultant who will do a home visit after you are discharged from the center.
  • We conduct several postpartum visits in the 6 weeks postpartum to identify mother/baby issues before they become medical problems.

Call today to schedule a tour: 248-792-3322