What if Things Go Wrong?

What If Things Go Wrong?

That is a question that every parent has when they come into the office, “What if things go wrong?”

The way that we see it, that is why you hired us.  We are trained and experienced in successfully handling the most common obstetrical emergencies that can happen with otherwise low risk pregnancies. While we expect our births to be healthy and normal based on carefully screening our clients to make sure they are low risk, we are trained and prepared for the issues that may be most likely to arise during your birth.


Medical Back-Up and Transport Arrangements:

We are thankful that medical help is available when things become outside of our scope of care. You are responsible for arranging medical back-up if you wish, although if problems arise during your pregnancy, we will help you find a physician to continue care with. If complications arise during labor and we feel you need further evaluation, we will accompany you to the hospital. The majority of transports occur in cars, but occasionally an ambulance is more appropriate. It is your responsibility to have the number of your local ambulance service and the closest as well as your preferred labor and delivery unit in the event of a necessary transport to the hospital during your birth.


Role of Students, Assistants, and Back-Up Midwives:

Wendy has an apprentice and often also a birth assistant at all the homebirth she attends. The apprentice is able to provide primary midwifery care under Wendy’s direction. Midwifery is a learning process, and an apprenticeship is require for anyone to become a midwife under NARM certification guidelines. Acquiring clinical skills is an essential part of midwifery education. We are always respectful of your feelings if you have any concerns regarding this.

We have nursing, women’s studies, or other health field related students present with us in the office because we are a clinical site for a local college who wants their nursing students to learn about the midwifery model of care. They do not typically attend homebirths, but may observe a day or two of prenatal or postpartum appointments. Some of these students may serve as assistants during births if their schedules allow for the on call demands. We will try out best to discuss this with you beforehand, and you have a right to decline this opportunity if you wish.

Wendy is involved in the local midwifery community and has a good working relationship with the area midwives. We are comfortable calling in one of these midwives for a situation where a back-up midwife is required (i.e. in case of two clients in labor at the same time).